Empowering and supporting postpartum mothers

Emotions arise with the magical birth of a new baby 

Giving birth is one of the most powerful and meaningful experiences in life. Postpartum moms go through tremendous change over the first few months, independent of whether they are first time moms or experienced mothers. In the new fully dedicated role of raising a new born, moms tend to suppress own needs although this period is a highly emotional time that brings with it many new feelings. 

Moms Talk activities fill in the gap 

Moms Talk activities address these very needs by providing room for self-expression and emotional sharing, while making new friends. These moms receive the mutual support, and even more importantly they simply build an opportunity to diversify their days and begin to expand outside of the currently intensive home routine. 

Moms Talk activities explore a variety of relevant topics utilizing our senses and feelings while investigating the different emotions that have arisen. This occurs in a sympathetic and encouraging environment, where babies are naturally incorporated in the experience. 

We offer both single time events such as Mom's Morning and deeper programs such as Moms Talk Group, a journey of 6 sessions.

The Jewish community in action 

Over the last 3 years, dozens ‘Moms Talk’ activities helped create many micro communities of friendship and mutual support for bay area moms, and produced some deep and long lasting relationships. Due to growing interest and need additional groups have been created, especially designed for toddler moms. The circles are expanding, opening now ‘Moms Talk’ activities at both PAJCC and PJCC, allowing more moms to create for themselves meaningful experiences, to cherish ever after while enhancing the mother within and strengthening community relationships.

The Team

Gali-portaritGali Beck

Gali moved to California from Israel 5 years ago, she founded Moms Talk for native Hebrew speakers four years ago in Palo Alto and is working on expanding her support work for moms in the greater Jewish community. As a mother of three she brings with her, her love for babies, her knowledge of the challenges of motherhood and 20 year of experience in facilitating groups. (MSW, Tel Aviv University)



Coming Events

Moms Talk: a group for moms and babies

The next Moms Talk group opens on Oct 17th at the Palo Alto JCC.

Registration is now open!

Mom's Morning: Newborn - Crawling

Next meeting will take place on Oct 18th, at the Foster City JCC.